Foundation: Tricks and tips for a flawless skin

Hello Ladies,

Another busy and sunny week has gone and we’re back here to speak about Foundations.
Searching for the best foundation to suit your skin colour, type, coverage needs can be an endless topic.

 Just because a type of foundation works well on someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have the same great effect on you.
It’s extremely important to know that the colour match is not the only feature to look for: to find the right fit it’s essential to keep in mind the needs of your skin type and its concerns.

We have decided to put together a small guide with tips and useful info to help you make-up your mind.
- Choose the right foundation consistency for your desired finish: there are generally three types of coverage – sheer, medium and full that will help you respectively whether you just want a lightweight veil of foundation, if you want some coverage for redness of blemishes or if you want to wear a full face of makeup. Our range of Liquid Foundations is designed with a unique formula that allows you to achieve all the three types of coverage, just add more texture until you are satisfied with the results. Our Cream Foundation Powder Finish is enriched with mineral components to create a sublime matte finish and complement the mineral pigments, which produce an optical effect and make the skin's complexion wonderfully even. The Mineral Powder Foundation is the perfect option for a lighter make-up. The mineral pigments create an optical effect, which makes the skin’s complexion wonderfully even. It absorbs sebum and provides a long-lasting matte finish. 
- Figure out the perfect shade of foundation with the three-swipe test: if you are unsure between a few different shades, swipe them all along your cheek/jawline to see which one melds perfectly into your skin tone.
- Look for a foundation shade with the right undertones: there are three classifications for undertones – warm, cool and neutral. If you have warm undertones, your skin will appear peachy, yellow or golden. If you have cool undertones, your skin will have a pink, red, or bluish cast to it. If you have a neutral skin, you will have a mix of both. We have also created a fantastic tool to help you in the choice, just follow the easy steps here. 
- When applying foundation, start from the centre and move outward: this will help you to achieve the most natural finish preventing edges of foundation to be visible around your face. An additional tip is to blend the foundation over your ears and neck to avoid differences of colour. Here, our personal suggestion is to try our Multi-Purpose Egg Shaped Sponge.
- Apply the foundation with downward strokes to avoid highlighting the peach fuzz on your face: if you apply foundation against the natural direction of your facial hairs the risk is to make them more noticeable.

For today it’s all, have a lovely weekend!

Lin&Lo Team
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