Round sponge for cream texture

картинка Спонж круглый для кремовых тональных средств от магазина Одежда+
картинка Спонж круглый для кремовых тональных средств от магазина Одежда+

Round sponge for cream texture


Round sponge LIN & LO is designed for applying creamy and liquid textures to create a smooth and natural coating. The sponge is made using a special technology called air cushion made of a special type of polyurethane, which resembles silicone in structure, but is very dense. The material allows you to reduce the consumption of cosmetics, because it does not absorb, but completely gives up the product.

The diameter of the sponge is 55 mm.

Sponge is easily cleaned with water and a mild soap, so it is suitable for reusable use. Dry the sponge recommended in a horizontal position at room temperature

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