Mineral blush

картинка Минеральные компактные румяна от магазина Одежда+
картинка Минеральные компактные румяна от магазина Одежда+
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Mineral blush

  • Apricot Mineral blush (Apricot)
  • Aurora Mineral blush (Aurora)
  • Brown rose Mineral blush (Brown rose)
  • Clear peach Mineral blush (Clear peach)
  • Dark copper Mineral blush (Dark copper)
  • Deep pink Mineral blush (Deep pink)
  • Iris Mineral blush (Iris)
  • Juicy plum Mineral blush (Juicy plum)
  • Mandarin Mineral blush (Mandarin)
  • Mango Mineral blush (Mango)
  • Oriental rose Mineral blush (Oriental rose)
  • Pastel rose Mineral blush (Pastel rose)
  • Peachy rose Mineral blush (Peachy rose)
  • Peony Mineral blush (Peony)
  • Plum copper Mineral blush (Plum copper)
  • Porcelain Mineral blush (Porcelain)
  • Rose petal Mineral blush (Rose petal)
  • Shiny rose Mineral blush (Shiny rose)
  • Smoky pink Mineral blush (Smoky pink)
  • Tender rose Mineral blush (Tender rose)


The mineral blush helps to create a healthy and fresh look. It comes in four unique formulas for a 3D effect on the cheekbones: pearl colours for a luminous glow, soft and bright colours for a perfect fresh look, luminous satin colours to add dimension to the face and soft and dark colours to sculpt and contour the face. It is also a form of effective sun protection and contains mineral UV-filters.

Способ применения
Apply on the cheeks with the 'Powder & Blush Brush' (no.2).
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