"Lin&Lo Mineral Make-up combines the highest standards of purity [...]. Their liquid foundations can be beneficial to all skin types, even the most sensitive, and provide a flawless look"
Fabric Recommends: Studio by Alina Milos. ."..During a recent visit, I was excited to hear about their latest offering: making for a truly head-to-toe package, makeovers or make-up tutorials from Alina Milos – make-up artist and co-founder of mineral make-up brand Lin & Lo – have been added to the menu"..."I’m already a fan of the Lin & Lo products, but this gives me the opportunity to try some new ones, and with the whole line available to purchase in the Studio, I’m keen to add these to my stash at the end of the session".
"The team here have recognised that if you have perfect hair and nails, you’ll want perfect make-up too. So after your locks have been whipped into shape and your manicure is all set, it’s time to head to the Lin & Lo make-up studio. Here, the team led by founder Alina Milos will apply your war paint, offering a selection of different looks to choose from, including seductive. Express makeovers (30 minutes) start from £29."

"A graduate of the London College of Fashion, Milos is what you might call a ‘second generation beauty expert’, with a family already involved in the industry. Several years of research and development have resulted in a beautifully packaged, high performance cosmetics range, enriched with natural ingredients and skin-loving minerals – and in a fantastically racially-inclusive colour palette. Here’s how you launch your own beauty brand – aged just 24…"
"Planning your wedding day is all about details. You have spent hours planning everything to perfection, from the dress to the best cake, and now it’s time to have a clear idea about the make-up look you require. International Make-Up Artist Alina Milos has created an expert guide for SLOAN! with the latest trends for the season and a list with do’s and don’ts that will help you decide what sort of make-up and looks will match your expectations for your Big Day."
"Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, Lin&Lo Mineral Make-up contains pure pigments that are easy to blend to provide flawless and long lasting coverage, with a small amount of pigment going a long way".
"Lin&Lo Mineral eyeshadow sets are highly pigmented, easy to apply, long-lasting and can shine throughout the day. [...] You only have to put the darkest color on the outer corner of the eye, and the lighter shades - on the lower and upper eyelid, and your make-up is ready."

"Unicorns, mermaids, fairies – seek beauty inspiration from some mythical beings and shimmer and shine your way through every party and festival of the season".
Lin&Lo Star Powder has been feature in the Beauty section of Exclusive Magazine.
"Lin&Lo is a new revolutionary range of mineral make-up that combines the highest standards of purity, enriched with minerals and unique natural ingredients [...] Lin&Lo offers a complete range of high performance and professional quality make-up that cares for the skin as it is being made-up"
Vegan Mascaras To Make Your Eyes Pop: "Accentuate your eyes with Lin&Lo Instant Love Mascara  that provides a stunning 3D lashes effect with just a few strokes. This clever mascara adds volume and provides intense colour to the lashes, while giving a clump-free separation."
Lin&Lo founders Alina & Laura have been interviewed in the latest issue of JustEntrepreneurs.
Matte Lipstick - Coquelicot "A creamy lipstick with matte finish that doesn't dry out the lips. The moisturizing formula provides a soft and supple feel"
Liquid Foundation: "This foundation is an excellent choice for dry or mature skin, because it's enriched with ingredients that regulate hydration. It spreads like a dream leaving a dewy finish with no cakiness in sight."
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